Manufactured in-house to exacting tolerances, A/C ’s drive units are legendary for their many design innovations. Hand-wound, short voice coils use only high density edge wound, flat OFC wire and operate in precision long magnetic gaps. Front and rear magnetic venting not only reduces airflow noise, but increases power handling and long term reliability. Massive, motor assemblies offer no-compromise optimisation for each voice coil diameter.


Originally formed in 1970s by Woodman to manufacture custom drive units for the professional sound industry, A/C quickly made it's mark with the 12" PA75-314. They were capable of handling more power, producing less distortion, and going louder than any other unit on the market.

1976 saw the first production of the ground breaking Soft Dome Mid, this unit revolutionised studio monitoring from that time on. It has become the unit to use for ultimate mid-range performance in both domestic and professional applications. Often copied but never equaled, the latest version of the SM 75-150s utilising exotic materials and precision tolerances, represents the pinnacle of drive unit technology today.

The next decade was spent producing cutting edge systems and further versions of high power PA drive units used in OEM form by the majority of performers and manufacturers of the time. Pink Floyd and Super Tramp being early customers During this period the first moves towards Active Systems evolved, culminating in the introduction of the EC23 Active Crossover with built in phase correction. With the launch of the SCM50 and 100 and a contract with Danish Radio for an active portable monitor, it was only a short step to integrate the Tri-amp and electronic crossover within a monitor. That year the industry standard SCM50 and 100A arrived, the first reliable and accurate active system. With constant updating they both remain as popular today in both professional and domestic models.

Having established a market for reference quality, precision made monitors, a succession of smaller products evolved ranging from SCM7's through 10's and 20's. Available in both active and passive versions, they offered products to a wider range of budgets.

1996 heralded the launch of A/C's first Audiophile stand alone electronics products. Both SCA2 pre-amplifier, SPA2-150 power amplifier and later the SIA2-150 were built to A/TC's no compromise philosophy achieving performance figures that have never been beaten. Still available today, in their latest form they continue to offer unrivalled precison and performance.

In that same year Billy Woodman and the research team at A/C for the first time addressed the detrimental effects caused by magnetic hysteresis. It had long been recognized that it was a significant factor in the production of distortion in loudspeaker drive units. With the clever use of a new revolutionary material developed by the communications industry the problem was solved for all time in the form of SL drive units.

Today, as then, they remain unique in their ability to reproduce piano and properly articulate male vocals. This is not suprising given their ability to reduce third harmonic distortion by 10-15dB between 100Hz and 3kHz. Probably the most significant development in transducer design in the last 15 years, SL technology epitomizes A/C's commitment to engineering innovation.

With its commitment to multi-channel mastering and direct involvement with leading players in the industry including Sony Music and Telarc, A/C products now feature in some of the most prestigious multi-channel music and Cinemas applications in the world. Where the best is required you will find A/C.




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